Workshop 13 - Mark 

Navigating Pricing in Business 

Date : November 23, 2021

Time : 12:00 pm

Location: Eight Avenue Social, 63 8th Avenue, Maylands, WA 6051

Mark has a rich background in operations and consulting around the globe. Having worked for the world’s largest multinationals and as an investor and business owner himself, he’s committed to business synergy and the customer experience. He has successfully launched hospitality concepts all over the world. Mark has a hands-on leadership style which means he recognises how to synchronise the many moving part of business operations to deliver award winning results. His insightful approach to strategy results in him consulting with the world’s top tier equity firms and private investors. Mark will be giving insights on how to navigate pricing in 2021. As our worlds continue to change around us in an ever-increasing speed, so to do our supply chains, product and service availability. More than ever its critical we monitor our pricing in near real-time to keep our businesses on track and profitability in check. 

Image by Austin Distel